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Fall Flipper Frenzy Tournament!

October 5 @ 11:30 am - 4:00 pm


Tournament Results:

Pos. Name Win/loss Wins Losses Games
1 Eric Strangeway 21 wins 25 4 29
2 Russ Schilling 19 wins 25 6 31
3 Jordan Semrow 17 wins 22 5 27
4 Curt Eastman 15 wins 22 7 29
5 Bryon Schmitz 15 wins 21 6 27
6 Tom Graf 12 wins 19 7 26
7 Patrick VanDenEng 11 wins 20 9 29
8 Brett Hibl 11 wins 22 11 33
9 Susan Staed 11 wins 21 10 31
10 Erik Thoren 10 wins 18 8 26
10 Brian Leuthner 10 wins 18 8 26
12 Jim Radovich 9 wins 19 10 29
13 Kevin E Cucci 7 wins 18 11 29
14 Jeff Skelly 6 wins 18 12 30
15 Rob Beauvais 4 wins 17 13 30
15 Erik Rentmeester 4 wins 16 12 28
15 Neil Graf 4 wins 16 12 28
18 Steve Fabry 3 wins 17 14 31
19 Andy Ginthum 2 wins 14 12 26
19 Ian Carpenter 2 wins 17 15 32
19 Tim Bodway 2 wins 15 13 28
22 Matt McCarty 1 wins 16 15 31
23 James Ritten 0 wins 15 15 30
23 Derrik Bush 0 wins 14 14 28
25 Benedetto Riccio -2 wins 13 15 28
25 Katie Wulf -2 wins 15 17 32
25 Johnny Murry -2 wins 13 15 28
28 Mike Schlumpf -3 wins 14 17 31
29 Jesse Carpenter -5 wins 13 18 31
30 Darrell Van Landuyt -6 wins 12 18 30
31 Joe Staed -8 wins 12 20 32
31 Kelly Calenberg -8 wins 11 19 30
31 Ron Bates -8 wins 11 19 30
34 Rachel Lilge -10 wins 10 20 30
34 Daniel Fell -10 wins 9 19 28
36 Chris Gerwing -12 wins 10 22 32
37 Bret Paluch -13 wins 8 21 29
37 Rebecca Haas -13 wins 10 23 33
37 Brenda Carpenter -13 wins 8 21 29
40 Miri Hernandez -15 wins 7 22 29
41 Bonnie Hastings -16 wins 8 24 32
41 Lauren Carpenter -16 wins 8 24 32
41 Jeremy Haimerl -16 wins 8 24 32
44 Paul Milligan -18 wins 6 24 30

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Tournament Details:

Tournament Date: Saturday Oct 5th

4 Hour Flipper Frenzy Tournament

No Side Tournament

Tournament will be 100% TGP for IFPA points


Titletown Pinball
800 O’Keefe Rd Suite F
De Pere, WI 54115


Saturday Oct 5th

Flipper Frenzy Tournament Starts at 11:30AM

Practice Starts at 10:30AM

No Practice in between games once the tournament starts—you won’t have any time–the tournament just keeps going and going and going

Please arrive by 11:15AM to check in

Announcements start at 11:20

Tournament will run from 11:30-1:30 then 30 minute break then 2:00-4:00 to finish. You can stay after the event and play for a little while but  I have a private event at 6:00PM so everyone needs to leave by then.

If you have not check in by start of tournament and haven’t communicated that you will be late you will be removed from tournament.


Limited to 95 people

Cost is $30 per person. Pay at the door or ahead of time with pay pal.

Their is a button on the website that says “register” if their are still spots remaining. Please use it or if you are having trouble you can send an email to [email protected] saying you want to register and I can manually put you in.

Fee includes:

All machines are on FreePlay so no additional costs

Hot Dogs & Snacks will be included but not a full meal.

Bottled water and soda (if you want something specific to drink or eat you can bring it)

Trophies for top 8


Tournament is IFPA approved 100% TGP

TitleTown Pinball Oct Flipper Frenzy Format:

Big Picture:

You are going to be playing lots and lots of pinball with very little down time. All the matches are head to head not 4 player groups. You either win or lose and it doesn’t matter by how much. Then you play another game against someone else then you go to the end of queue. Then when you are at start of queue you play again. This all goes pretty fast so in 4 hours you will get in a lot of games. Probably more than double the games you would get in during a match play tournament. I am going to explain this in further detail below but bottom line—lots of pinball–lots of fun– Play More Pinball.

Fine Details:

I will be using the match play software to run this tournament. The initial queue size will be 15% of the field, I will use virtual queuing, tiebreaker will be the most wins. Example: 60 people in tournament–initial queue will be 10 people. Computer will randomly pick 50 people to play 25 machines in head to head matches. Tournament starts. Computer picked player 1 and player 2 on each machine. You will play head to head alternating turns like we normally play just with 2 people instead of 4. You will either win or lose. You come back to the computer and show the scorekeeper the result of your match. That info is put into computer. The computer will then immediately draw another match for player 1 from your group that just finished (regardless of who won or lost) and the 1st person in the queue. Player 2 from your group will go to the end of the queue. So now player 1 from your group becomes player 2 in the next match and the 1st person in the queue becomes player 1 in that match. This will continue for 4 hours. At the end of 4 hours no new matches will be drawn. Everyone finishes the game they are on and results posted.

If a machine malfunctions I will use a backup game to put the players on and start over with using the same order they played on broken game. I multiple machines break at same time subsequent groups will have both people go to the end of the queue and another machine will be randomly drawn for the 2 people at the top of the queue who will play each other. If someone doesn’t show up for a match they will get a loss for that match and put at the end of the queue, the 1st person in the queue will play the person that did show up on time.

The winner of the tournament is going to be the person with the best win loss record. No Playoff except for ties for top 8 for trophies. For IFPA points a tie between 1st and 2nd will result in a playoff that matters for both trophy and tournament finish. A tie for 2nd-8th will result in a playoff for just the trophy position and how I post it on TitleTown website. Ties for 2nd-7th will be reported as Ties to IFPA. Net wins description: If someone has 25 wins and 4 losses they are a +21 if some one else has 26 wins and 6 losses they have a +20. The +21 is better than the +20. People will play more and less amounts of games in the time allotted depending on how long each match takes.

I need 2 dedicated score keepers for this event. If you would like to be one please let me know. I give the dedicated score keepers a credit of the cost of the tournament towards a future event or they could have someone they are coming with be free for this event. [i.e. you bring your spouse to enter the results on the computer and you play free :-)]


Erik Thoren
(920) 621.9631


TitleTown Pinball
800 O’Keefe Rd Suite F
De Pere, WI 54115 United States
+ Google Map

Currently Registered

Brian Leuthner Andy Ginthum Paul Milligan Lauren Carpenter Patrick VanDenEng Benedetto Riccio Kevin E Cucci Daniel Fell Ron Bates mike schlumpf Erik Rentmeester James Ritten Tom Graf Jesse Carpenter Robert Beauvais Steve Fabry Johnny Murry Bonnie Hastings Rachel Lilge Susan Staed Darrell Van landuyt Bryon Schmitz Erik Thoren (ekthoren)
Tim Bodway Jordan Semrow Rebecca Haas Brenda Carpenter Eric Strangeway Miri Hernandez Brett Hibl derrik bush Chris Gerwing Curt Eastman Russ Schilling Neil Graf Ian Carpenter Lee Dietzen Jim Radovich Kelly Calenberg Katie Wulf Jeremy Haimerl Joe Staed Matthew McCarty Anthony Trofka Jeff Skelly (ekthoren)
Attendance: 45 / 95

Registration closed/full for this event. Email [email protected] if you would like to be put on a waitlist.

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